Top 5 Best CP Plus CCTV Camera to Buy in India 2020, Reviews, Best Price!

Top 5 Best CP Plus CCTV Camera to Buy in India 2020, Reviews, Best Price!

Whenever we are trying to find the best CCTV camera for yourself, the biggest name that we hear is CP Plus, as it is one such company that is offering the best security services and products to its users.

Not only that, they always try to bring out the best with their products, and with every new product, you would be able to notice significant enhancements in their product quality and features. In case if you are someone who wants to buy a CCTV camera from CP Plus, then this post has everything that you need to know.

Here we are going to have a look at the five best CP Plus CCTV cameras that you can buy from Amazon easily. But before that, let us have a look at some reasons why CP Plus is the best CCTV camera manufacturing brand in India.

Why is CP Plus, the best CCTV Camera manufacturing brand in India?

Several reasons made CP Plus the best CCTV camera manufacturing brand in India, let us have a look at some of them: 

  • They offer the best quality products and services that are exceptional and different from all other such companies. 
  • Latest and high-end features such as digital zoom, night vision support, and many more. 
  • Always available customer services so that you can get rid of any problem quickly. 

Although there are many more such reasons that made CP Plus, the best CCTV camera manufacturing brand in India, but above-listed are some of the most important ones. 

Best CP Plus CCTV Cameras:

CP Plus 360 degrees 1080p WiFi Security Camera:

Smart places need smart security solutions, and hence this is the only reason CP Plus created this 360 degrees 1080p WiFi security camera for their users. Moreover, one of the most significant benefits of this CCTV camera is that it is easy to use and install so you would be able to save the cost of installation and hence will never face any issues with it.

You can connect it with your WiFi network with the help of which this security camera will directly upload all the recorded videos on the cloud network. In case if you are new to cloud storage, then firstly, you would have to download CP Plus Cloud application in your smartphone with which you can have access to all the recorded videos remotely.

It also offers you talkback feature support with which you can pass commands on the other side and hence can stay connected with your place even when you are not there.



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CP Plus 360 degrees 1080p WiFi Security Camera

CP Plus 2.4 MP IR Cosmic Fiber Body Night Vision Bullet Camera:

Are you trying to find an outdoor CCTV camera for yourself that is manufactured by CP Plus? If you said yes, then here we have CP Plus 2.4 mp IR Cosmic Fiber Body Night Vision bullet camera that comes in the shape of a bullet and is a perfect option as an outdoor camera. 

Moreover, with the help of this CCTV camera, you would be able to take advantage of long-range support of 20 meters, not only that with the IR night vision support you can have a look at the view clearly at night or under log light conditions. 



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CP Plus 2.4 MP IR Cosmic Fiber Body Night Vision Bullet Camera

CP Plus 2.4 MP Full HD Dome Night Vision Camera:

The third option under the list of best CP Plus CCTV cameras is this 2.4 MP full HD Dome night vision camera that is equipped with a 3.6mm lens with the help of which you can take advantage of low illumination.

Hence the biggest advantage of this CCTV camera is that it helps in providing you the best possible color output while video recording, with which you can notice every single thing in the recorded videos.

So if you are trying to find one such CCTV camera option that offers you the best color output support, then this is the most appropriate option provided to you by CP Plus.



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CP Plus 2.4 MP Full HD Dome Night Vision Camera

CP Plus IR Cosmic Night Vision Dome Camera:

Here is a compact size Dome CCTV camera for those who want to find a security camera for their home or office use, the best reason to choose this CCTV camera is because it will match with the modern style of your home or offices.

The maximum power consumption of this CCTV camera is 2.8 watts. Moreover, you would be able to watch video recordings from this Camera live through your smartphone or any other such device.



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CP Plus IR Cosmic Night Vision Dome Camera

CP Plus 2.4 MP HD Outdoor Bullet Camera:

The last option in the list of best CP Plus CCTV cameras is the CP Plus 2.4 MP HD Outdoor Bullet Camera that comes with a fiber body, which makes it extremely lightweight. With the use of this CCTV camera, you would be able to take advantage of full HD picture quality support and is equipped with IR led lights. 



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CP Plus 2.4 MP HD Outdoor Bullet Camera

Best CP Plus CCTV Camera Buying Guide:

Here is the list of factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting one of the most appropriate CP Plus CCTV camera option for yourself: 

  • You should firstly have a look at your needs, and try to figure out for what purpose do you need a CCTV camera. You can device by selecting the Camera for indoor or outdoor usage. 
  • In the next step, you need to have a look at the design of the CCTV camera that you want to get for your place. Such as you can select from wired and wireless, and after that, you can select in between Dome-shaped or Bullet CCTV camera.
  • You should always be within your budget and never try to exceed it. 

Best CP Plus CCTV Camera Frequently Asked Questions:

Which CP Plus CCTV is the best option for outdoor use?  If you are finding a CCTV camera for outdoor use, then Bullet CCTV cameras would be the best option for you. What is the price range under which we can buy CP Plus CCTV Cameras? The price range of CP Plus cameras start from INR 1100 and goes up to 3000. 

A 360 Guide to Buy the Best Security Camera for Your Home/Office in 2020

Security cameras are important for keeping your place safe from outside attacks. It does not matter whether you need them for your home or business, to add extra safety to your property; these devices are important. There are a number of reasons why people think about installing a security camera in their house. This may include keeping your pets and family protected, or maybe you have expensive things on your property that you don’t want anyone to get their hands on. Whatever the reason is, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to look into a comprehensive guide to buy the best security camera for your home or office. Read the entire post to know all the nitty-gritty before you purchase one. 

What is Home Security Cameras?

Home security cameras add extra security to your house and office. When you add them to your property, you can expect them to protect you from head to toe. They work with your home’s Wi-Fi connection, and you’ll have to install an app on your smartphone to operate them. You can record live footage of your house and office and keep an eye on things while you are apart. Home security cameras let you take care of the surroundings even though you are not there. You are going to know what your family and business partners are up to when you are not spending time with them.

In short, security cameras let you capture the moments without any additional effort. All you need to do is install the camera, activate it, and let it do its work. All security cameras have characteristic features that are as follow-

  • Security cameras let you communicate over a Wi-Fi network or with wires
  • They need power connections to operate. Security cameras need wires, batteries, or a wall outlet to work properly.
  • You can keep them against the wall inside or outside of your house
  • They offer live stream videos, and you can control the cameras using your smartphone or laptop
  • Security cameras offer high-quality and standard video resolutions
  • These cameras contain the digital zoom feature that allows you to take a closer look at the footage
  • You can record videos continuously or only when the camera sees any motion
  • “Night vision” security cameras can see in the dark
  • May come with two-way audio and a built-in alarm system
  • Some security cameras contain wide-angle lenses and pan/tilt capabilities to manoeuvre their vision.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Security Cameras?

Before you get all hyped up about purchasing a security camera for your home, you need to understand why you want it in the first place. Cameras are complicated; they need to be; otherwise, they couldn’t get the job done as easily. Though you need to learn their strategies to keep proper maintenance, you can easily operate them once you’re used to the technology. 

There are a few points we keep in mind while picking the right security cameras. And if you are thinking about buying one too, you can consider these few points so that the whole process becomes easier for you. So, let us help you determine the needs that will aid you to choose the best security camera for your home or office.

Decide Where to Keep It

When you are installing a CCTV camera at home, make sure you are covering the entrance and those places where intruders should walkthrough. Moreover, when you are putting a camera in place, you need to make sure whether or not the place is high enough so that it stays out of reach. If the person illegally enters your house, they will instinctively look for a security camera. You will have to take precautions before they understand that they are dealing with a security camera. Otherwise, they will try to destroy their evidence by all means.
Find Your Camera’s Power Source
Wireless cameras, on the other hand, need a battery source which you are going to charge up from time to time for it to work. These cameras are more user-friendly and easier to install. In many cases, you wouldn’t even require professional assistance to install a wireless security camera. Besides, a good Wi-Fi camera comes with many additional features like facial recognition, activity zones, and you can operate them with your smartphone app remotely.

Your Budget Matters

On the other hand, wired cameras cost less, but if you count the amount of money you will have to spend on storage and installation, wireless cameras will be a better option. 

Know the Features and Choose the Right Ones
While choosing home security cameras, motion-activated recording, night vision, smartphone alerts, good video quality, etc., is important. With additional two-way audio, built-in sirens, and floodlight, the wide-angle view is also helpful in keeping your house secure. Some cameras can distinguish between people and animals; these cameras can monitor specific activity zones to avoid giving false alerts. To make sure you are not missing anything, you may want your camera to work overnight and all day. But that will also cause a greater storage capacity along with Wi-Fi bandwidth. 

Your Privacy Matters

Security cameras that work with Wi-Fi bandwidth and store footage in a cloud system let people view things through the server. Meaning, technically knowledgeable people already know how to access this information. To make sure your privacy is in safe hands, buy security cameras only from the companies and brands that offer 100% safety to their customers. Try to find CCTV cameras that have built-in privacy features, including geofencing. Geofencing will turn off your security camera when you are home and will turn them on when you are out. They use your phone’s location settings to do such things. You can also find security cameras for homes that provide two-factor authentication. These cameras are hard to hack.  


Outdoor Vs. Indoor Security Cameras: What to Choose?

To keep your house safe, outdoor, and indoor cameras both can be helpful. But it’s important to know which camera will work best in your case. Both of the types have their benefits and similar styles, and features. However, there are also some basic differences between outdoor and indoor cameras. 

Outdoor cameras need to be suitable for every weather and sunlight conditions. They need to adjust themselves according to the light and darkness. Since outdoor cameras are placed outside your house, they tend to be vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, manufacturers use durable materials to build them. These cameras can be heavy to hold and more powerful than simple indoor security cameras. 

When you talk about indoor cameras, you should know that they are quite the opposite of their counterparts when it comes to size and shape. When outdoor cameras are heavy and hard to carry, indoor cameras can be super lightweight and fancy looking. They are smaller in size than bulky outdoor cameras. However, both of the security camera types have similar features which make it hard to identify which one is designed for indoor and which one is outdoor. But both of them should have the ability to detect motions and adjust themselves in low and bright light conditions. Most security cameras change their colors from black to white depending on the light conditions.  

And there are these Dome cameras that you can place on both indoors and outdoors, and when you look at them, you won’t find out exactly where its lens is. So, even if you want, you can’t hide from these cameras. Domes are popular outside security cameras that come with blowers and heaters to protect themselves from various elements. However, if you are looking for a camera that is not easily distinguishable or looks like a clock, smoke detector, etc., they are probably not weatherproof. Hence, you cannot use them outside of your house. 


Top Security Camera Features to Consider Before Buying

When you are buying a home security camera, whether for outside or inside, there are some mandatory features that you should always consider. Here, have a look at them-

Motion Activation 

When the camera notices a movement, it will start recording the footage. The footage will be stored somewhere in the cloud system. Motion-activation is also known as event-based recording. 

Smartphone Alerts

If you buy a camera from a good company, it should send you custom notifications on your smartphones or tablet every time something happens like it saves a video or detects something, etc.


The higher the video resolution is, the clearer you will see the picture. Most of the high definition cameras offer full high-definition (HD) video (1080p or 2 megapixels), and Super HD (1440p/4 megapixels or 2K), and ultra HD (8 megapixels or 4K). Only high-definition resolutions are enough to see a sharp and better picture. But when you zoom in, you will want Super HD or ultra HD to see clearer. 

Night Vision Mode

Look for security cameras that have at least 60 feet night vision range so that it can see clearly in the dark or night. Some high-end security cameras also come with color night visions that let you see better at night. 


Security cameras with built-in microphones help you hear the sounds of the environment so that you can see what’s going on and also hear what the people are saying. Some cameras also come with a two-way audio system that lets you talk with the person on the other end. 


Most security cameras have their remote server operated through the internet. But if it does not come with cloud storage, then it possibly has local storage like a micro SD card or a separate hard drive. This storage function will help you save all your video recordings. 

Field of View 

The wider the view of the field of your camera is, the fewer cameras you will have to install on your home or office. Maybe between 130 and 180 degrees is enough in this case. 


The look and design of your security camera also matter when you are installing it outside. But this feature is optional and has nothing to do with the camera’s performance. 

Privacy Features

In privacy features, geofencing is the most popular. It will turn off the camera when you are home with your smartphone and will turn it on when you are away. It detects your location through the device. 

Security Features

As a security feature, two-factor authentication is important, which saves you from hackers. This will require you to confirm your login using your email, phone number, or text message. 

Advanced Features

Advanced features will be great additions to your otherwise standard security camera. These enhanced features include recognizing faces, activity zones, having the ability to differentiate people and animals, built-in siren or floodlight, software capabilities, etc. Moreover, zoom and pan features also give the camera full control over its vision. 

Smart integrations

Wireless security cameras are as smart as they are and enhanced with extra features and security can make them irresistible. Smart integration may include pairing up with Alexa or Google Mini and using voice commands to monitor their actions. You can also see the live recordings on your TV using this feature. Smart integration and privacy feature in security cameras which is becoming more popular nowadays is the smart locks system. It will secure your videos and recording using the HomeKit Secure Video option.

Wired Vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Differentiating between a wired and wireless camera is no brainer. Wired cameras are connected to a power source and the server through a cable. On the other hand, wireless cameras are connected to the server through the internet using a Wi-Fi router. However, wireless cameras also need a power outlet or batteries to operate. Most wired security cameras are a little troubled to use, but you can easily set up and activate a wireless camera using your home Wi-Fi network. Before you go to purchase a CCTV camera for the first time, make sure to understand which one meets your budget. Because Wi-Fi cameras can be expensive for some. 

How to Power Your Indoor or Outdoor Security Camera?

PoE security cameras need the router as a power source. This means you will have to put the ethernet cable in the router and connect it with the security camera. Wireless security cameras are easy to power. They usually come with batteries that you have to charge from time to time. Once the batteries are fully charged, put them inside of the camera or charge the camera while the batteries are inside. A Wi-Fi security camera requires an electric outlet where you are going to plug its cable. 

Both indoor and outdoor cameras come with these types of power systems, and before you purchase one, you will have to check out its power source first so that you can prepare yourself for it. 

Self Vs. Professionally Monitored Security Cameras

There are two ways to monitor your security cameras. One is manually, and the other one is professional. 

Self-Monitored Security Cameras

These are the CCTV cameras that you monitor on your own. These cameras have silent alarms, motion sensors, sirens, security cameras, and door sensors which will send you notifications on your mobile when something is off. If something is not right, you have your way to contact authorities like the police and your neighbors. 

Company-Monitored Security Cameras

Company-monitored security cameras are professionally installed and monitored by the company itself. It could include extra charges but have the same set of features such as cameras, motion detectors, door sensors, glass-break sensors, silent and not silent alarms, etc. When something occurs, the company will inform you about the activity, and you will then make your call. 

Each of the services has its pros and cons, so it’s important to look into it before you make any decision. The primary company-monitored CCTV cameras are hassle-free; meaning you don’t have to worry about them. But they also come with an extra charge. 

Video Camera Storage

How much storage you are going to need is depending on the image resolution and activity time of the camera. If your camera runs 24/7, you are going to need a hard-disk drive or NVR systems. To reduce the cost, you can use microSD cards or free cloud storage, but that too won’t be sufficient enough in the long run. So the only option you are left with is buying additional storage for your video camera.

Camera Range

There are different types of security cameras that suit different types of needs and situations.

  • Dark Fighter Technology Cameras are perfect for low light conditions
  • ANPR/LPR Cameras are perfect for storing data in registration plates
  • Internal and External Dome Camera are indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that keep your property secure
  • Bullet Cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance
  • C-mount cameras have a wide-angle view to capture more places

Mobile App Control for Security Cameras and Features

Mobile apps like Vivint Smart Home, ADT Control, Frontpoint Mobile, etc. come with some great features that let you control your security cameras.

  • You can control your all surveillance cameras from one place
  • Customize the alerts and notifications
  • Check live updates of your CCTV cameras no matter how far you are from home.

Benefits of Security Cameras

Security cameras have numerous benefits for your home and business. But among many, these ones are vital.

  1. They can monitor activities
  2. Deterrent crimes
  3. Collect evidence
  4. Keeps records


What are the best home security camera companies?

There are many to talk about, but the best ones in our preferences are CP Plus, Phillips, HKVision, Xiaomi etc. All these are available at Amazon and many other local and online stores.

How much does a surveillance camera cost?

It can cost anywhere between Rs. 600 and go up to Rs. 5000 depending on the brand and features.

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