How To Hack CCTV Camera in 2020- A Step-By-Step Guide!

How To Hack CCTV Camera in 2020- A Step-By-Step Guide!
CCTV Cameras are one of the biggest reasons because of which several mishappenings have been stopped from taking its place. Moreover, the high usage of CCTV Cameras is making people go crazy regarding them. Hence this is the reason people are trying to explore more out of CCTV cameras. There are several things that people explore about CCTV cameras daily, but do you know what that one thing about which plenty of people are curious is? If you said no, then let us tell you that the most asked question of curiosity related to CCTV cameras is How to hack CCTV Camera. In case if this is one of those questions that revolve in your mind too, then do follow this post till the end. Here we are going to discuss everything about How to hack CCTV cameras. But before heading towards the central section, let us first have a look at the benefits of hacking a CCTV camera.

Benefits of hacking CCTV camera:

Although we are sure that you all must be aware of why CCTV cameras are hacked, and that is to look in somebody’s personal life so that we can have a look at what the person does and to know about many more such things. You all must be thinking that this sounds illegal, so yes, it is. But these things are being used for several good works by the Police and other such departments.

These departments are hacking CCTV cameras for reasons such as:

For solving a case where they need proof that can be fetched by hacking a CCTV camera. For having a check that are there people doing something wrong at particular places. There are many more such reasons because of which such departments use hacking techniques for CCTV cameras. This was all about the benefits of hacking CCTV cameras, let us now head towards the main section in which we are going to discuss how to hack CCTV cameras.

How to hack CCTV Cameras?

Here is the list of ways with the help of which you can hack a CCTV Camera, but before that, you need to make sure every step mentioned below should be appropriately followed without any mistakes.

Hacking CCTV Cameras with the help of a website:

Firstly we are going to have a look at one of the easiest methods with the help of which you can have access to a CCTV camera easily. However, this is not a hacking method, but instead of that, we can say that it’s just a website where you can visit and can have access to a CCTV camera recording by filling proper details. The Internet is filled with thousands of such sites that are created by hackers where they have collected data from several CCTV cameras and DVRs that anyone can access for free completely. Such sites are present for almost every Country and State, and hence you can select them according to your Country, place, city, and time zones. The biggest CCTV surveillance hacked website is Insecam; here at this site, you would be able to find CCTV recordings from several places, mostly it is a famous CCTV hacking website from Japan. Once you visit this website, you would be able to notice that there are various CCTV recordings from banks, hospitals, and other such places in Japan. Moreover, on the homepage of this website, they have mentioned that anybody can get their CCTV recording removed if they let them know with the help of an email.

Hacking CCTV Cameras with the help of default passwords:

If you have a bit of knowledge about CCTV cameras that use the online platform for watching video recording, then you must be knowing that there comes a default password with almost every such CCTV camera. In this step for hacking a CCTV camera, firstly you need to verify that if the CCTV camera shows it’s video recording via online mode and if it’s a yes, then you need to try to access it with the help of its default password. Several people are still using the default password of their online CCTV cameras. But how would you be able to find one such IP camera that you can access? So if you have this question in your mind, then let us tell you that there are several IP scanner softwares and applications that you can download and use them for finding IP Cameras. One of the best such applications that will help you in finding an IP camera is an Angry IP scanner. You need to download this application, and right after a successful installation, you would have to search for nearby IP cameras. In case if you can find an Hikvision DVR IP camera, then you can use admin/12345 as the default password for the CCTV camera. Moreover, if you are trying to get access to any other CCTV camera company, then firstly, you would have to download an online manual of that CCTV camera company, from where you would be able to find the default password for that CCTV camera.

Hacking CCTV Camera using Shadon:

Shadon is a website with the help of which you would be able to have access to several devices connected to the Internet all over the world. In this case, you would have to type the name of the IP camera brand, and hence all nearby options would be available to you. Right after that, you need to select the camera to which you need to access and hence try to fill out the default password of that company. If everything goes right, then you would be able to access the IP camera. Moreover, with the help of this website, you can even filter the options available to you based on location, timezone, and many more. Although there are many more such ways with the help of which you can have access to CCTV cameras and hack them. But above-listed are some of the most popular ones for How To Hack CCTV Camera and offer the best possible services.

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